CatNap Organic Tea

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*This is a tea for humans, not for cats*

Contains organic herbs known for their calming qualities – this tea will help you relax just like a purring cat on your lap does! This all-natural blend of herbal teas (Camomile flowers, Lemon Verbena, and Lavender) has been designed to soothe the mind and relax the body.

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The herbs found in this ameowzing CatNap tea are grown organically on the mountains of Greece, before being dried, chopped, blended, and then packed. There are no additives and no flavourings, because when you use good ingredients you don’t need them.

  • Type: Loose Leaf Tea
  • Quantity: 50 grams (30+ cups)
  • Taste: Intense, Slightly Sweet
  • Origin: Greece
  • Organic: Yes


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